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Worst Vacation Ever

Posted August 4th, 2010
by Staff

We can only imagine one thing worse than ending up spending your dream vacation in quarantine. And that’s spending your dream vacation in quarantine without travel insurance.

With the rise of the H1N1 virus and other potential pandemics, many countries aren’t taking any chances when it comes to letting viruses in or out of the country. These days, arriving in many countries (China, in particular) with a runny nose can get you separated for a considerable amount of time while they poke you, prod you, and otherwise rule out the possibility that you’re carrying something more significant than a case of the sniffles.

The crazy part of a quarantine is that there really isn’t much the US government can or will do, especially if a genuine pandemic appears to be in the making. OF course, if a pandemic really is going on out there, quarantine might just be the safest spot for you.

Still, no one wants to spend their entire vacation time in an exotic locale’s hospital. You’d rather be out seeing the Great Wall or the Forbidden City and getting the real versions of all of your favorite dishes from the Grand Dragon Buffet.

Travel insurance serves two purposes for vacationers. First, it serves as a sort of insurance policy against the possibility that you won’t be able to travel. Most of us save long and hard for an overseas vacation. Many of us even pay for it in installments. Having travel insurance guarantees us if we end up not being able to travel when we had planned to (maybe because of that pesky runny nose that we don’t want to get quarantined over) that we can recoup our money invested.

It also provides us with a sort of medical coverage while we are overseas, ensuring that we will be able to get whatever medical treatments we need without an ungodly foreign medical bill. Trust us, the last thing you want to do on vacation is get sick without any means of paying the hospitals. Some countries are better than others in this respect, but wherever you go, it’s better if you have travel insurance.

If you’re sick, don’t travel overseas, especially to Asia. It’s better to stay home and save your money for a trip another day than to spend your time in a foreign hospital waiting for them to clear you of swine flu, bird flu, or any other of the various and sundry animal themed illnesses.

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