Here’s What the U.S. Travel Association Can Do For You

As states continue to shrug off recession conditions and struggle to find new paths forward, many look toward tourism as a way into better economic times. Increased tourism can give local businesses a boost, create new mini-markets, and improve community revenue for years. However, it takes the right information, an efficient budget, and a strong promotion campaign to pull off…and that is why the U.S. Travel Association exists.

If you are a business, local organization, or committee trying to give the best parts of your community new life, find out what the U.S. Travel Association can do for you.

Learn More About the Travel World

Part of the Travel Association site collects and offers information about travel and tourism in the United States. This data can help you write grants, creating ads, or post a few interesting facts on your social media site. One page is devoted entirely to interesting statistics: U.S. adults, for example, rate visiting friends and relatives as the most desirable travel activity.

The Association also devotes resources toward in-depth research. It divides fact-gathering into Domestic, International, and Economic sections. Using this information, from forecasts to the most popular destinations, can help you craft reports, make new tourism-oriented plans, or create an impactful presentation. You can also order hardcopy materials for further study. While you are looking around the research section, spend some time in the Toolkit section, where you can find tools for specific goals, such as defending a tourism budget or proving the link between travel and jobs.

Promote Your Business and Community

A key goal of the U.S. Travel Association is to help local businesses and communities market themselves properly to travelers. Many communities and companies would love to promote their area, but do not have the time or money needed. To help, the Association has marketing-in-a-box programs that make promotion easy. It encourages you to create Daily Getaways and markets the deals for you on a separate website. It also helps you get involved in National Travel and Tourism Week and gives you toolkits, graphics, and talking points to work with.

There is an additional section on international promotion to help your community reach tourists overseas with maximum efficiency. Read through these materials to get ideas and find out how you can learn more and even attend the International Pow Wow.

Keep Up On Events

National Tourism Week is not the only event that the Association sponsors and encourages. There are rallies, marketing seminars, trade shows, research studies, and many other events your business or community could join in on. Check out the Events section of the Association website to find out what is on the current calendar and how you can get involved in events near you.

Beyond Association events, the website also offers a broader look at the industry. A separate section gathers news and press releases from around the travel world for your convenience. The press releases can serve as a source of new ideas and benchmarking for businesses. The Industry news section helps keep you informed on travel legislation, trends, and lawsuits. Major studies are also located on this page. If you want to create your own press release or want to connect with a business or media center, the TravelNewsLink process can help you quickly find who you are looking for.

Make a Membership Work for You

Many of the services and advantages that the Association offers only benefit members. When you become an Association member, you can link up with other communities and companies across the nation and get research delivered right to you rather than needing to search for it. Membership costs an annual fee that vary based on what package you buy, but the cross-promotion benefits and discounts are worth the effort if you want tourism to start working for you.

More Information

The U.S. Travel Association is a great place to find the information you want and the advice you need. When creating tourism projects or planning your travel budget, there is no better place to turn online. If you want to supplement the information the Association provides, consider visiting a few other travel websites to find a broader picture or follow the latest travel interests more closely. Here are several sites to help you get started.

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