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Traveling Disguised

Posted June 21st, 2012
by Staff Writers

Traveling can be account for some of the best experiences you will have. You can travel all over the world and soak up the different cultures. Many people love to travel as a way to find themselves, learn about others, and see the wonders of the world. Whatever the reason for your travel, you know that it will ultimately cost money. Just because you have to pay for the journey does not mean that you should have to lose money without realizing it. The best advice to any traveler is to be as savvy as possible, purchase travel insurance, and know that there are hidden costs that you can avoid along the way that will help make your trip more affordable.



With the rising gas prices, it isn’t hard to understand that flight costs have also gone up. So how are the airlines making up for this? They not only raised their ticket prices, but they also made changes to varying policies. These policy changes will be different depending on the company with which you chose to fly. A couple of things to check out before you even book your flight is if there are reservation or rescheduling fees. Make sure you read the fine print and know what the add ons are for. Another major place that you will notice changes is with your baggage. Many companies now have fees depending on how much your bag weighs or how many bags you check. Check with each airline company and make sure you know their policy before you begin packing or you will pay a hefty fine before you leave.


Airport Goodies

Who doesn’t love stopping in a gift store to buy something to read on their flight or stopping to get a cocktail while waiting on your flight? Well while you are in a haze because all you can think about is your upcoming trip, you are being ripped off. Pay attention to the food prices and any other goodie that you might find in the airport. Chances are that the prices have been inflated. Try to have all your reading material with you so that you are not tempted to eat before you head to the airport.


Car Rental

If you are traveling to a place where you will need to drive around, you are probably going to want to rent a car. Though it may save you money to rent a car versus taking a cab every day, you need to be wary about the extra charges. One of the biggest complaints from consumers is that they were forced to buy an additional insurance policy to cover the rental car. No matter what the agent tells you, this is not necessarily true. If you are an insured driver, make sure you know what your company covers and make sure you aren’t paying double for something on which you are already covered. Other car rental places may try to add additional costs for having an extra driver, miles you put on the car, the age of the driver, drop off locations, and even fuel.



Chances are that when you are on vacation, you will be staying in a hotel. A hotel can be a place of great relaxation but also great costs. Ever wonder why the price of the room goes up when you get your bill? That is because places will only quote you the base price when you are booking. They fail to mention that there are taxes and surcharges that they will be adding on as well. Hungry or thirsty? Do not eat or drink what is provided for you in your room. It all comes at a pretty high price and you probably won’t notice till you get the bill. Check with the staff and ask them if any of your other conveniences will be extra as well. Sometimes hotels will charge for extra keys, parking spots, towels, and even energy.

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