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Top 30 Extreme Vacation Adventure Blogs

Posted December 2nd, 2009
by Staff


Extreme sports are great for the thrill seekers but can also offer a unique experience for the general traveler.  These 30 blogs cover many different types of extreme vacation ideas whether you are looking to do some bungee jumping, cliff diving, or just be one with nature.  We hope this list helps you fulfill your quest for the thrill of a lifetime.

General Extreme Vacationing Blogs and Info

This group of sites contain all kinds of general information regarding exciting adventure travel excursions worldwide:


Bungee Jumping/Skydiving

For the true hardcore adrenaline junkie here are some nice resources for Bungee Jumping and Skydiving, proceed at your own risk!


Hiking/Mountain Climbing/Backpacking/Camping/Biking

You do not need to be as much of a daredevil for these extreme trips, but they can certainly help you get closer to nature!  You’ll find no room service here:


White Water Rafting/Kayaking

Extreme watersports are also very popular and can help the quench that need for excitement.  Here’s what we’d recommend:

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