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Risky Adventures

Posted June 7th, 2012
by Staff Writers

When you travel, what are some things that you like to do? Fish? Relax? Catch some rays? These are all the activities that we would expect to find on a vacation. However, some people seek adventure. These people are the ones who are willing to risk their lives to have an adventure. In some of these cases you do not even have to travel very far to experience the rush. Many of these daredevil activities can be explored near where you live. If you seek adventure, then chances are you will want to try some of these activities if you haven’t already.


  1. Ziplining

    This adventure used to be considered one of the safest to try on this list. When you zipline you are usually suspended from a cable by a pulley that will then send you, propelled by gravity, through an area of your choice. Typically people who seek the adventure level will find themselves at a higher level and usually in some sort of rain forest.


  3. Skydiving

    This adventure is a longtime fan favorite. Many people will actually add this activity to their bucket lists in hopes of one day having the courage to do it. Recently, we were even able to see an 80-year-old woman take a chance and try to accomplish her dream. Though it may not have been the best experience for her, she lived to tell the tale.


  5. Bungee Jumping

    Often a competitor with skydiving, bungee jumping offers adventure seekers a different form of entertainment. Like sky diving, participants will free fall for a time period. With bungee jumping, you essentially dive (usually off a bridge) and free fall until the cord wrapped around your ankles catches. Sound painful? Like any adventure it can be. Especially since this one involves all your body weight being pulled at your ankles.


  7. Shark Diving

    If you love a good adrenaline rush and love the water, then you might love shark diving. Yes, the name says it all. You will be swimming with sharks. Yes, the ones who love blood and can kill you. Usually, divers are put into a metal cage that will protect them from being bitten by the bloodthirsty sharks. However, some photographers have been getting gutsy lately and have started diving without cages. I think everyone can agree that if you are going to do it then you will need a cage.


  9. Bull Fighting

    Sticking with the animal theme — would you like to fight a bull? This time there is no cage to protect you. The only thing that you can do is protect yourself with a red cape and try to not get hit. There has been much debate through the years whether this is an art form or a sport. There are two sides to every story; we will let you make your own opinion. Just remember to run when you see the bull charging after you.


  11. Mountain Climbing

    This adventure is a lot like climbing the rock wall at your local gym, only it is outside and on the side or a really tall mountain. People who really like rock climbing usually try mountain climbing at least one time in their life. However, some people feel safer doing this activity in a gym and a lot closer to the ground. If you think you can handle the mountain, you can find an adventure on a mountain near you

Whatever your adventure style is, there are plenty of adventures out there for you to try all over the world. It is usually best to find an activity close to a hobby of yours and tackle that one first before moving on to the next. Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into before trying out each adventure and remember to have fun.

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