What Does A Typical Insurance Plan Include?


The kids have their seat belts buckled, the luggage is stuffed into the trunk, and little Suzie next door has instructions for feeding your finicky cat while you are away. Everything seems to be in order and yet, you can’t shake the feeling you’ve forgotten something really important. Now what on earth could it be?

Let me give you a hint: It’s something you need to purchase before a trip, generally costs very little, and could potentially save you thousands of dollars in the event your travel and stay don’t go as planned.

Do you give up?

What you need is travel insurance!

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard the term “travel insurance” before but may be wondering: ‘what does travel insurance do, and why do I need it? ‘
The reason is quite simple, actually: You work hard for your money, toiling day in and day out, just to get the opportunity to pay a little back to yourself. You plan for months on the perfect getaway. When the day finally comes when you can bid your office adieu, the last thing you need is to throw away additional money on anything you didn’t bargain for. This is the peace of mind travel insurance can give you.

Most travel insurance packages vary in the coverages they provide but most often will share certain similarities. A few highlights to look for when purchasing your next travel insurance package are listed here to make sure you are prepared; wherever your trip may take you:

  • Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance
    • Have you ever tried to plead with an airline for a refund on a flight you missed because of illness, injury, or other unforeseen circumstances? If you are unfortunate enough to endure this experience, you will know efforts are often futile. This is why Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance is a must. It covers for the intangible setbacks such as poor weather, health issues, and safety concerns, which may hinder the plans of even the most ambitious adventurer. Many policies even contain provisions for acts of terrorism, if your destination should happen to be affected by such egregiousness.

    • Travel Medical Insurance
      You know what your co-pay costs under your health plan here in the U.S., but do you know what it costs as you travel internationally? Are you sure you even have coverage outside our national border? Chances are, your health plan does not have sufficient coverage when you leave U.S. soil. This is why smart travelers prepare with Travel Medical Insurance. The coverage under this plan provides for medical expenses abroad, which are often quite staggering. Be sure, as well, to verify that the policy contains coverage for medical evacuation, since this expense can easily reach the neighborhood of $90,000 when the service is needed.

    • Lost or Delayed Baggage

    Do you remember the luggage I mentioned earlier: those four suitcases packed so tight that they actually defy several laws of physics? Now, try to estimate what it would cost to replace every last article of clothing, and jewelry as well as, and cosmetics toiletries and cosmetics inside if they were lost or stolen. It’s a scary thought, isn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be; not if you purchase coverage for Lost or Delayed Baggage. This will cover for any items you bring on your trip, such as personal effects and clothing; after all, you would look pretty silly going to dinner wearing just your hotel towel.

    So before you load up the car, get your travel insurance policy squared away; then have the most relaxing trip ever.

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