Top 20 Reasons You May Need Travel Insurance

EvacuationRouteIn a perfect world, all events would go exactly according to plan on that fabulous vacation or successful business trip.
In a perfect world, you wouldn’t need travel Insurance.
But let’s face it, bad things happen to good people all the time, and the most logical thing we can do is prepare ourselves. Travel Insurance could not make preparing any easier.

And if that’s not a good enough reason for you, here are twenty more:

  1. Your tropical island getaway is dead center in the projected path of one very nasty looking hurricane Isadora. It’s probably best you stay home since the hotel will most likely want to clean up a bit after the wind dies down. Trip cancellation will pick up the bill for that missed cruise.
  2. Your suitcase disappears behind the plastic curtains of the airport conveyor belt and is never seen by human eyes again. Lost Baggage Coverage will make it reappear.
  3. Driving on the left side of the road proves more challenging than anticipated and lands you a long stay in the Royal London Hospital. Travel Medical Insurance will cross the Atlantic even if your primary plan can’t swim.
  4. You lose every last bit of your cash in Tokyo, and it wasn’t while playing pachinko. Personal Effects Coverage will get you back on track.
  5. There’s nothing funny about terrorism, and when it happens, you don’t want to be there. Get yourself a refund on those plane tickets if your destination becomes a target.
  6. You deplane in Timbuktu just in time to see your airline hang an “out of business” sign over their ticket counter window. It is safe to assume they will not be offering return flights.
  7. The nursery rhyme “Hey, Diddle Diddle” takes on a new and deeply personal meaning at a Barcelona bullfight, when a leaping bovine lands in your lap.
  8. On the eve of the meeting with your largest client in Beijing, you watch as your cab drives away with your briefcase, laptop, and planner inside. Do you know how to say “Goodbye” in Mandarin?
  9. The northern lights are stunning but substantially less so while pinned under a polar bear.
  10. In Paris, you adventurously try the escargot fois gras souffle. In the ambulance, you decide the croissant may have been a safer bet.
  11. Touring the streets of New Delhi, you encounter a dangerously unskilled snake charmer with a couple feisty cobras. You get the bill for the Medical Evacuation and it is higher than the price of your house…(It sounds funny, but the cost of this service is no joke. $100,000 per occurrence is not uncommon for parts of the world).
  12. Your family and loved ones should be well looked after if your plane should fly one way to heaven. Flight Accident Insurance is a selfless and smart option for all travelers.
  13. You find out that your flight conflicts with your daughter’s piano recital, and your statement, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world” hauntingly resounds through your mind in E flat. Ticket Insurance will make sure those last minute changes don’t cost you a baby grand.
  14. When you signed up for safari on the Savannah, you already knew cheetahs ran fast, but had no idea your rental jeep would be so slow.
  15. While running through the airport in pursuit of your flight to Peru, you collide with the courtesy cart. Climbing to Machu Picchu just wouldn’t be the same on crutches.
  16. The leaning tower of Piza finally topples the moment you decide to get a ‘close up’. While laying in the rubble, you kick yourself for not having invested in that telephoto lens when you had the chance. Literally.
  17. Your return flight is delayed because of mechanical failure. It looks like you’ll have to spend another evening in Bora Bora. With Trip Interruption, the insurance company picks up the tab. Try to sound disappointed when you report the bad news to your babysitter.
  18. Traveling costs enough on its own without the extra added expense of dealing with emergencies, contingencies, and the unexpected.
  19. Travel Insurance is surprisingly inexpensive, and it’s better to pay a little now than to pay a lot later.
  20. Because it’s better to have it and not need it than the other way around!

Now that you know you need travel insurance for your trip, the only thing left to do is go get it. Review the coverages carefully to make sure you and your family are well protected!

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