International Insurance for Travelers

Parlez vous français? You may already speak the language of the far off exotic land you are planning to travel to, but do you know anything about their health care system? You might be surprised to find a great variance in hospital fees while hopping from country to country. To further complicate issues of this matter, your existing health coverage may not even travel to those other countries with you.  It is often encouraged to purchase International Travel Insurance before you encounter an emergency abroad and get walloped with a whopping bill.

International travel insurance policies are designed to give you all the necessary coverage for your vacation or business trip anywhere you go in the world. In addition to the vital medical protection, you may also find several other important coverages packaged in with your policy:

•       Trip Cancellation and Interruption

Things may not run as smoothly in a “no man’s land” air field as they would in your local airport. Don’t get stuck footing the bill for flights you miss or the flights that miss you.

•       Medical Evacuation

I can’t overstate your need for this coverage. There are parts of the world where a medical evacuation flight could run over $100,000. If your primary medical plan doesn’t cover this service, you’re going to need some really good friends.

•       Baggage Coverage

You will not be wearing your “hanging out” rags for a night out in Paris. The two of you will don only your finest clothing and jewelry as would be expected. If your baggage is stolen or misplaced during your trip, you will want to replace all of those things before your next trip to Madrid.

Be safe, be prepared and make sure you are covered. Happy traveling.

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