How Hurricanes Affect Travel Insurance

In a scene reminiscent of a war zone, broken trees and limbs are strewn about as carelessly as wilted flowers. Buildings lay in piles of rubble. The once lush tropical paradise now resembles a forgotten dumping ground, its landscape forever marred in the wake of widespread damage. This is typical of the destruction you encounter in the aftermath of nature’s most powerful force, the hurricane.

Every year, thousands of American travelers are stranded or delayed because of hurricanes and other inclement weather. These delays and cancellations often mean large additional expenses incurred, and, what’s worse, money thrown away with absolutely nothing to show for. Travel insurance has never been more important for protecting your money in this capacity.

If you are planning any trip between June and November (hurricane season) or to an area frequently affected by inclement weather, you need travel insurance. Here are a few coverages you should look for to make sure your bank account is well protected from any hidden costs you may encounter.

Trip Cancellation

Everyone knows how expensive travel can be, especially these days with rising fuel costs and increased savings on everyone’s minds. When you purchase tickets for a flight or cruise, you need to make absolutely sure the weather will cooperate. Trip Cancellation coverage will reimburse for the cost of the tickets and other travel arrangements if a hurricane should threaten your destination before you depart. This coverage also works if you are struck with a variety of other perils such as injury and illness, so read your policy carefully to understand everything you’re getting.

Trip Interruption

This coverage works much in the same way as Trip Cancellation but comes into play when you have already reached your destination. If your return flight is missed for any of the reasons listed on your policy, you will be covered for the cost of replacement tickets usually up to 150% of the original ticket price. It is worth noting, additionally, if you are stranded at your destination and need to buy one way tickets home on short notice, you will be paying much more than your original travel package price.

Travel Delays and Missed Connections

Most people, when faced with the prospect of spending an unanticipated night at a tropical resort would jump for joy. It is a different story, however, when the additional night falls at the end of your trip when your vacation budget has already been depleted. Travel Delays and Missed Connection coverage protects you from costs associated with delays if you need to spend any additional time at your destination or lay-over location. Most companies offer a daily allowance of $200 for food and lodging until your flight home can finally be arranged.

Emergency Evacuation

Generally, meteorologists can predict a hurricane’s path by tracking its movement, but occasionally they change direction without warning. If you happen to be in its new path, you may need to be evacuated. Some policies contain a provision for emergency evacuation to make sure you and your family are safely evacuated out of harms way. Be sure to read the policy language of your contract to see if this option is available.

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