Flight Insurance

Airline travel is often heralded as the safest mode of transportation, and it usually is. However, accidents can and will happen. With Flight Insurance, you can rest assured that you and you family will be well looked after through injury and misfortune should an accident befall you.

Contrary to its own name, flight insurance does not just cover you while the plane is in flight. The policy begins to cover you as soon as you begin to board your planeĀ  and ends only once you have safely deplaned.

Some other great reasons to buy Flight Insurance:

It’s extremely inexpensive – Especially considering the high dollar coverage limits you get in return.

You can receive the full cash benefit – Unlike typical life policies, you personally can actually be paid the full cash benefit of this policy if you sustain certain debilitating injuries. There is also a cash benefit paid for half the coverage limit if the designated injury is not as severe. Read your policy for full disclosure of the specifically covered injury types.

All Cash Benefits Are Paid Tax Free – It seems like every time you get paid, the government want to take a bite. Not with this cash payout. A million dollar policy pays exactly one-million-dollars.

When you plan your next flight, make sure to get Flight Insurance.

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