Backpacker Insurance

Adventure is your middle name. The open road is your playground. Backpacker Insurance is your indispensable guardian as you grab life by the horns for the ride of your life.

While backpacking across Europe is the most economical option for many young travelers, this mode of travel also poses the greatest risk for physical injury or mishap. Backpackers insurance gives you the piece of mind in knowing your medical costs and other emergency expenses will be covered, even in lands far from home.

Backpacker Insurance will span almost any length of stay to cover your trip from beginning to end. Read your policy for a complete listing of included provisions. Here are some of the essential coverages you should be looking for:

•       Travel Medical Coverage- Backpacking is only dangerous if you haven’t prepared. Make sure your medical expenses will be covered in the event of an emergency. It is worth noting, additionally, that backpacker insurance policy often provides medical coverage for extreme activities, like hang gliding, whereas other policies deem them to be too risky.

•       Medical Emergency Rescue- Not all of the roads you travel will be flat and level. Make sure you are covered if you need helicopter evacuation; the cost of insurance is a drop in the bucket by comparison.

•       Baggage Coverage- When everything you own is strapped to your shoulders, you need a plan to keep it safe. Baggage coverage will help you replace your valuable personal belongings if your backpack is lost, delayed, or stolen.

•       Trip Cancellation and Interruption- The start and end of your journey will require some flying or floating assistance if you plan on crossing the ocean. This coverage makes sure you only pay when you are onboard.

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