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Gold Medal Savings

Posted June 20th, 2012
by Staff Writers

This July, all eyes will be on London. The U.K. will be the lucky country that will get to host the 2012 Olympic Games. Athletes from all over the world will gather and try to win the gold medal for various events in honor of their country. In total, more than 200 nations will gather and compete in the 300 events that the Olympic Games hold. Who wouldn’t love to travel to London and be able to witness the events first hand? Even with money being tight, there are plenty of ways for you to find a way to get to London and enjoy the games in person.


  1. Getting to London

    Obviously air travel has become very expensive, especially when traveling from the United States and Europe. Expect there to be an increase in rates around the time of the Olympics. They know that many people will be willing to spend a little extra money just for the chance to witness history. When looking for a flight, look for places that offer you cheap rates, or even try and use your credit card points and frequent flyer miles. Though they aren’t as useful as they once were, any little bit can help.


  3. Staying in London

    Everyone wants to stay in a five star hotel with all the finer things. There are two problems with that: it’s probably not in your budget, and you can expect them to all be full. With the whole world watching the Olympics, plan for things to be a little sold out. Don’t worry, you still have options. One of the best options would be to find a hostel that isn’t full. You will be able to meet other tourists and save a little money. If you still cannot find one, don’t fret. You can stay in surrounding cities and then commute in for the festivities.


  5. Getting around London

    Once you are in the city you will need a way to get around. Taking a taxi can get expensive very quickly if it is your only mode of transportation. Lucky for you London is packed with double decker buses that will take you all over the city. They are a more cost effective alternative. You can also be sure that they will be in full force to transport tourists and Olympic enthusiasts all over the cities. Other options that are available to you are the tram and the London Tube.


  7. Watching the Games

    Consider yourself lucky if you have tickets to watch the games. The rest of the world will just have to watch in our own homes. The good news is, if you are heading to London you can be sure that there will be lots of activities to enjoy in honor of the games, and there will be lots of places that will be offering spectators a chance to watch the games. The whole city will be opening its arms to worldwide fans in support of the games.

So now that you are excited for the games, it is time to get your trip booked and head off to London. While you are there it is always important to remember that you are a guest in their country. Everyone wants their nation to take home the metals, but it is all in good fun. So make sure that you represent your country well and show the rest of the world pride for the nation that you come from. Plan on having lots to do, and for there to be a lot of new people with whom to meet and experience the 2012 Olympic Games.

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