Resources for People Traveling With Disabilities

Traveling with a disability often requires extra planning and considerations, but it need not prevent you from enjoying the opportunity to see the world. Disabled customers have obliged the industry to adapt to their needs, from airline policies to disability-accessible tours. In light of recent anti-discrimination airline laws, traveling as a disabled person is easier and more accessible than ever. A number of resources are available to help you plan your trip and prepare you for what you can expect as someone traveling with a disability.

Southwest Airlines — Southwest maintains an extensive list of policies for disabled passengers, including airport assistance and security screening.

US Airways — US Airways includes travel tips, policies and information on traveling while disabled, as well as their policies on service animals and safety assistants.

American Airlines — American Airlines addresses the medical conditions that require advanced notice for proper accommodation. The site also includes information on assistance for various disabilities and wheelchair use.

U.S. Department of State — Information on safely traveling abroad with a disability and a number of useful links to further prepare you for your journey. It is advised that travelers visit the main site at as well.
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) — The TSA discusses the disability-related items allowed through security checkpoints. It also provides links for specific disabilities and what those passengers can anticipate during the screening process.

Mobility International USA — A guide to your legal rights as a disabled traveler in the U.S. and Europe, as well as airport and travel tips.

Disabled World — Air travel tips and articles to make your trip safe and enjoyable. The site also includes information for traveling on other continents and links to disability-specific travel sites.

Aviation Consumer Protection and Enforcement — This site contains a summary of the Air Carrier Access Act, which prohibits airlines from discrimination on the basis of disability, as well as a section on passengers with disabilities and links to file a complaint.

Amputee Coalition — A comprehensive overview of traveling with a disability on all forms of transportation, and links for consumer protections and complaints.

FlyerTalk — FlyerTalk was founded in 1998 and contains over 200 forums, including one for disabled travelers. Members can also access live chat, private messages, a newsletter and much more.

TripAdvisor — TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site operating in 30 countries, provides a disabled travelers’ forum that includes a user-generated Accessibility Checklist for Hotel Accommodations.

Apparelyzed — Founded in 2003 by a quadriplegic, Apparelyzed is geared toward people with spinal cord injuries. However, disabled travelers in general can find useful travel information from site members and have their own questions answered.

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