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9 Bizarre Objects Actually Smuggled Onto A Plane

Posted November 24th, 2009
by Staff


The last few years, airlines around the globe have tightened the restrictions on what is and is not allowed on board planes. We all know some things just aren’t going to make it, and while we may not understand why nail clippers can’t come on board, it’s a rule and we follow it. And then there are things no one would honestly try to get onto plane. Of course, dishonestly is another matter altogether.

9) Snakes in a Bra

Object: 65 snakes and 7 lizards

Though dogs are trained to sniff out drugs, the advantage you have when trying to smuggle narcotics is that the narcotics probably sit still.  If you have jammed your underwear full of snakes, however, things will not go smoothly.

Security at an airport in Stockholm, Sweden watched a woman continually adjusting her top until they decided to investigate.  As it happens, she had filled her bra with 65 snakes and also managed to find room for 7 lizards under her shirt as well.  Officials claim they noticed “something unusual” about her chest, which is likely very polite, European talk for “her boobs were wriggling.” Source:

Definitely not as appealing as this.

8) Powder Pockets

Object: 6.6 kg of cocaine divided in 160 pockets

Generally speaking it’s not surprising that people try to smuggle drugs onto planes, that’s probably the most common thing anyone tries to get across borders.  Some people probably succeed while others get caught by security and they’re always looking for new and creative ways to trick the dogs.  What is surprising is how some people go about it.

A 65 year old German national on his way from South American to Barcelona got busted with 6.6kg of cocaine on him when he tried to smuggle it in his pants.  Specifically, he had outfitted the butt and thighs of his pants with 160 pockets in which the drugs were stuffed.  Security guards watched him literally waddle through the terminal, his body between the waist and knees looking like it belonged to a body builder, and figured they should stop him.  A drug sniffing dog confirmed that, indeed, he had not spent the last 5 years doing butt crunches and was in fact weighted down with over 12 lbs of drugs. Source:

How else do you think Marc Anthony gets his drugs?

7) Crotch Birds

Object: 2 pigeons

Surprisingly, next to drugs, animal smuggling is one of the biggest draws for people trying to pull one over on airport security.  Some people are just hardcore nature lovers.  Or hard up for cash.  Or maybe it’s just the thrill of live animals jammed in your pants, hard to say.

A 23 year old Australian was stopped coming into the country from Dubai when it was found he had a package of eggs on him, which was a little odd and certainly against the rules.  A further search revealed a money belt around his waist full of seeds.  Likely at this point someone raised an eyebrow and decided to investigate further.  What they found was that, under his pants, he was wearing tights with a pigeon jammed in each leg.  An actual, live pigeon. Source:

Actual photo from customs: Look closely…those are two pigeons wrapped in paper!

6) A New Way to Wear Crocs

Object: A baby crocodile

Probably the worst fear of any smuggler is being caught before they even board the plane.  The second worst fear has to be that whatever it is they are smuggling will escape and start wandering aimlessly about the plane.

Unfortunately for a smuggler en route to Cairo, the baby crocodile he had packed in his carry-on was restless and made a break for it.  Passengers panicked as the reptile made his way around the cabin, possibly looking for a tiny bottle of booze, before the crew managed to corner it and keep it safe until they could hand it over to authorities.  Understandably, no one on the plane took ownership and so no one was charged. Source:

Like their shoe counterparts, these babies attract all the wrong attention.

5) Cocaine Cast

Object: Cast made out of cocaine

Some smugglers are really dedicated to what they do and go that extra mile to commit their crimes.  If only everyone in the world was so determined to get their work done, we’d all be better off.  But alas, not everyone has the work ethic to do themselves harm in an effort to succeed.

A Chilean man on his way to Barcelona aroused some suspicion from security personnel who took a keen interest in the cast on his broken leg.  As it turned out, some silly doctor had forgotten to use plaster and actually made the cast out of cocaine instead.  Don’t you hate when that happens?  That in and of itself is mildly interesting and creative, but the fact remains the man actually did have a broken leg, one that officials are fairly certain he broke on purpose, just to have the cocaine cast put on. True love for the game. Source:

Nobody signed it. The sign of a truly heartless drug dealer.

4) Gettin’ Some Head

Object: A real human head

Myrlene Severe apparently thought everything was kosher when she flew into Ft Lauderdale with a head in her luggage.  She had a skull in her bags for use in a voodoo ritual but customs noted it still had organic matter on it and it had not been declared.  She was charged with smuggling a human head, which apparently is a real thing you can be charged with, and that implies this has happened before.

Severe said she had received the head from a man in Haiti and the purpose was to ward off evil spirits as even evil spirits want to avoid people who fly around with heads.  Customs said it posed a health risk (must have been that organic matter) and she was taken into custody on $100,000 bail. Source:

Heads up!

3) Box o’ Spiders

Object: 1000 tarantulas

If you’re going to risk your own safety to smuggle something, you may as well go all out.  Why smuggle one animal from its natural habitat in your luggage when you have room for a hell of a lot more?

A per shop owner from London, England was stopped in Rio de Janeiro when security ran his bags through the X-Ray machine and noticed that, nestled next to his underwear and souvenirs for mom, he had 1,000 spiders boxed up.

It’s suspected he was either bringing the spiders home to sell in his store or he had some involvement in medicinal poison extraction.  It’s also obvious the man came to Brazil and spent his entire time in the jungle hunting spiders and then jamming them into his bag, a curious way to spend one’s time in Rio, given the fact that, you know, there are like a million beaches there. Source:

Gotta have some serious luggage to pack 1000 of these bad boys.

2) Horse in a Dog Cage

Object: 1 miniature horse and 1 dog cage

When people smuggle animals, by and large they’re not large.  You can fit a squirrel in your pants much more easily than a moose.  Probably.  We assume.  But still, if there’s a demand for a bigger animal, someone’s going to at least give it a try.

Officials discovered something a little odd while taking stock of the cargo on a flight from Germany to Atlanta when it appeared one of the dog cages was a little more crammed than it should be.  The reason being there wasn’t a dog in the cage, but a horse.  Sure, it was a miniature horse, but it’s still a horse.  In a dog cage.

The horse was bound for Guatemala and the owner had apparently thought he could dupe people into thinking it was a dog in the cage, possibly by crossing his fingers and praying very hard that all customs officials and  baggage handlers would be blind. His wishes came half true. The horse was eventually seized and the horse’s owner as well as the airline were to face the full fury of the Department of Agriculture. Source:

Above: Not a dog.

1) Roofied Monkey

Object: 1 drugged up monkey

Everyone loves monkeys, they’re delightful.  Except for when they sling poo or attack or whatever, but for the most part they’re charming and hilarious.  So it’s not hard to understand why people would want one.  But wanting one and getting one are two different things for most of us.

A mother and daughter from Washington figured if people in far away lands can have monkeys then surely they could do and set about a plan to get one.  And this wasn’t just slapdash, they actually planned this thing out with a ridiculous amount of detail.  From actually plotting out (on paper, of course) what they wanted to do and details of monkey experimentation to see how much medication you needed to give a monkey to knock it out long enough to fly it home, they did it all.

Eventually the pair left for Thailand, found themselves a rhesus monkey and apparently slipped it a mickey.  From there, the 28 year old daughter strapped the passed out monkey under her shirt and pretended to be pregnant.  Sp presumably from the time they left their hotel in Bangkok until their flight arrived in Los Angeles, this woman had a passed out monkey under her shirt.

Unfortunately for the pair, security is not always so easily duped and they were apprehended, complete with the convenient mountain of evidence for a conspiracy they had created for themselves as well.  The two were sentenced to 60 days in jail, three years of court supervision and were ordered to pay around $5000 in restitution.  It is unknown in whose shirt the monkey currently lives. Source:


My, what a…lovely baby you have.

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