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8 Strangest Honeymoon Destinations

Posted April 10th, 2012
by Staff Writers

Most honeymooners choose the typical hotspots for their travels — Hawaii is always popular for its gorgeous beaches and sunsets, France brings in the wine-dabbling couples looking for European flare, and Las Vegas is sure to draw in the gamblers or couples attracted to flamboyant entertainment. However, some honeymoon locations are entirely outside of the box. Below, we cover the world’s oddest travel hot spots that newlyweds can take advantage of. It may not inspire the most romantic vacation, but these travel destinations are sure to provide a memorable experience.

  1. Love Land, Cheju Island, South Korea

    If you’re honeymooning in South Korea, you might as well do it in Cheju Island, also known as South Korea’s “Honeymoon Isle.” Historically, Cheju Island was a hot spot for newlywed couples in South Korea that could not travel abroad for monetary or political reasons prior to the 1990s, and so they were attracted to the island’s beaches and warm climate. Given that many of the marriages were arranged, the island became a source for sexual education amongst the timid newlyweds. The hotel on the isle participated in ice breakers such as lap dances, to break the tension between the couples. And during the daytime, they could explore Love Land, a theme park complete with phallic statues and soft-core signage to better explain the ways of eroticism. Love Land is about the size of two soccer fields and resembles a sort of rated-R Disney World for couples that want a visual understanding of conception.

  2. Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

    Visit Jukkasjärvi, Sweden and you can stay in the Ice Hotel, the perfect honeymoon destination for a couple that wants to cuddle up to authentically ward off the cold. With views of the Northern Lights and a structural backbone composed entirely from ice, the Ice Hotel is a way to experience Sweden far removed from dancing to Abba at night clubs and eating Swedish meatballs. The hotel melts and must be rebuilt each year, allowing for different artists to conceptualize the various rooms. For example, room 339 from Ice Hotel’s most recent season was an upscale igloo with glassy, geometrically designed walls and a fur pelt bed in the center. Honeymooners will be expected to slumber at -5ºC, so the fur blanket will be absolutely necessary.

  3. Space Hotel, Outer Space

    For a honeymoon that is literally out of this world, consider booking with Russia’s space hotel. While its estimated availability isn’t until 2016, the space hotel will accommodate up to seven guests in four cabins and orbit the earth from 217 miles above. After a two-day journey on a Soyuz rocket, guests can experience the weightlessness of space aboard the ship, opting to sleep in either vertical or horizontal pods or showering in a sealed room so that water doesn’t float where it shouldn’t. The cuisine will be very unlike that typical of intergalactic fare, and will consist of gourmet dishes such as veal cheeks and plum compote. However, while honeymooners will get the experience of a lifetime, this destination isn’t cheap. The ride up to the hotel alone costs around $800,000, while a five-night stay will cost an estimated $160,000.

  4. Poseidon Resort, Off the Coast of Fiji

    If outer space isn’t your bag of tea, maybe you and your newlywed companion would be interested in honeymooning seven leagues under the sea? At Poseidon Underwater resort, you will get this opportunity, as it is the next enterprising water hotel being built under the sea off the coast of Fiji. The hotel has all the usual top-notch amenities, including restaurants, bars, a ballroom, and hotel suites with superb ocean views. Seventy percent of the interior is constructed of four-inch thick acrylic, which means you will get to see all the sea life you can handle. And if the fish don’t seem to be lingering around your windows as much as you’d like them to, each suite is equipped with a “feed” button that releases fish food into the sea outside your window, causing the marine life to come swarming. If you need your privacy, a screen can be activated to black out the windows into your suite. The equivalent to the honeymoon suite would be the “Nautilus Suite,” which is the largest underwater chamber ever constructed with 1,000 square feet made to resemble Jules Verne’s fictional dwellings.

  5. Propeller Island, Berlin, Germany

    Berlin is a city overflowing with cultural wealth. Rich with historical sites and quickly growing as the world’s next largest art hub, honeymooners with a sense of worldliness will enjoy the city and all it has to offer. However, staying at Propeller Island, a hotel nestled in the heart of Berlin, is an experience of its own. Propeller Island is an eccentric hotel in which every room embodies a different theme. In the “Gruft Room,” guests sleep in white coffins amidst a wooden structure, able to live out their vampire fantasies. In the “Upside Down Room,” all of the furniture hangs from the ceiling, and the beds are sunken into the ground to create a surreal effect. The “Freedom Room” is made to look like a colorful prison cell with a chunk missing from the wall (allowing for your escape onto a balcony where a parasol stands). Yet, honeymooners may enjoy the largest suite best, which is called the “Two Lions Room.” It may seem normal, with a king-size bed and golden bath tub, until you see the two large cages in the center of the room. The website explains that these make great sleeping quarters for children.

  6. Cappadocia, Turkey

    Cappadocia may look like a city out of Star Wars, but it’s quite the charming little hamlet in the heart of Turkey. The city is easily identified for the hundreds of homes carved out of the rocky expanses. Beyond these houses, an entire city rests, deep within the ground and in caves. As a capital of the Hittite Empire until 1,100 B.C., Cappadocia is historically relevant, with mentions as far back as in the Bible itself. Honeymooners can stay at the Yunak Evleri Cappadocia Cave Hotel comprised of six cave houses that originated in the fifth century. Its proximity to the caverns and fresco-riddled byzantine churches makes it the optimum location. It doesn’t get much more romantic than dining on a candle-lit stone terrace, whose structure dates back to the beginning of time.

  7. Deidesheim, Germany

    Maybe you’d like the luxury of traveling abroad for your honeymoon, but you’d rather take all of your friends and family with you. At Deidesheim, you can. Deidesheim is a German wine country village, and you can actually rent the entire village for 200-plus of your prized guests. The cost to renting a village is just about $50,000 per night, a steal when you figure in more than 300 bedrooms that need to be parsed out. When you first get to the village, the mayor himself welcomes you, presenting you with a metaphorical key to the town. The entire town then belongs to you and your guests for the duration of your stay, aside from the locals who earn their livelihood running the shops and restaurants that serve you and your guests. Quite a bit of planning goes into this vacation, however, as visitors to Deidesheim are encouraged to have a thorough itinerary planned for their group. Exacting these plans allows the village locals to brainstorm and provide price estimates for the perceived duration of your stay.

  8. Pacific Inn Motel, Forks, Washington

    If you and your new spouse are Twilight fans, a honeymoon in Forks, Washington will allow you to experience the official scenery depicted in the popular series. You can wander around the small, forested town knowing that Bella and Edward (fictionally) walked there, too. And what stay in Forks would be complete without spending the night in a Twilight-themed hotel room? The Pacific Inn Motel is banking off of the Twilight craze by supplying two themed hotel rooms within their complex, each decorated with dark, vampish hues and paraphernalia from the films. The suites are all black, red, and decadent gold, matching the books’ covers. Twilight fans can sleep below movie posters featuring Bella, Edward, and Jacob, and argue over which “team” they’re on — Edward or Jacob. Romantic getaway? Absolutely.

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