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8 Spookiest Roads You’ll Ever Travel

Posted April 9th, 2012
by Staff Writers

For many of us, the roads along the way to our destinations are forgotten once we arrive at point B. But sometimes, there are roads that just give off a creepy vibe, especially when darkness sets in that we can’t shake from our minds. There’s a reason why so many urban legends and stories have been centered on roads — they are the beginning and the end of every destination, oftentimes leading us to chilling experiences. Some people find driving along dark, quiet roads scary enough, but add tales of supernatural happenings, and you may have a recipe for a haunting ride. Here are some of the spookiest roads you’ll ever encounter.

  1. Dead Man’s Curve, Ohio

    Nearly a 90-degree turn on Interstate 90, Dead Man’s Curve is the most dangerous turning intersection in Clermont County. Built in 1831, it has a long list of victims, and only one survivor named Rick. Rick claims that he has seen on many occasions, a pitch black silhouette of a man, who has been nicknamed “The Faceless Hitchhiker.” Other people have claimed that there is just an eerie feeling about Dead Man’s Curve, and they tend to avoid it at night, if possible. Today, the actual location of Dead Man’s Curve is a bit grey and less specific, but as you head east on 125 and the 222 intersection, take even more caution with your driving.

  2. Tuen Mun Road, Honk Kong

    Hong Kong’s most heavily used road just so happens to be notorious for its frequent traffic jam collisions. Many people have claimed that while stuck in traffic, they have seen ghosts that appear in the middle of the road, causing drivers to avoid hitting the “person” before them and crashing into surrounding vehicles. Surprisingly, legend of this road being haunted goes back hundreds of years, and even in its modern state, renovations have not been made to improve the driving conditions.

  3. Witches Hollow Road, New Jersey

    Fittingly named Witches Hollow Road, this road is adjacent to a place called Witches Hollow, which also happens to be a cemetery. The images you see while on this road are enough to scare the living daylights out of you: grey tombstones, grassy hills, dark swaying trees, and even brooding vultures that are commonly found in countryside of New Jersey. It doesn’t get any creepier than that.

  4. U.S. Route 491 (formerly U.S. Route 666), Colorado & New Mexico

    The number “666” suggests that U.S. Route 491, nicknamed “The Devil’s Highway,” is filled with bad luck. The high fatality rate along the New Mexico border has convinced many people that this highway is cursed. Since improvement projects were made, the fatality rate has lowered, but even renumbering the highway cannot shed its negative reputation for being cursed.

  5. Kelly Road, Pennsylvania

    There have been many strange occurrences reported on Kelly Road, which connects Engle Road with Route 68 in Ohioville, Pennsylvania. Some people claim to see animals that have turned rabid upon entering into the fog, bizarre apparitions, and noises that simply cannot be explained. No one can say for sure what the cause of all the paranormal activity is, but according to history, the area was near cult activity, and curses may have been placed on the land.

  6. A75 Kinmont Straight, Scotland

    Numerous hauntings have occurred on this road during the past 50 years, giving it the nickname “The Ghost Road.” It’s thought to be Scotland’s most haunted road, after receiving hundreds of reports of simple, unexplainable sightings and apparitions.

  7. M6 Motorway, England

    Sometimes, size does matter when it comes to creepy roads. In England, many people will agree that the longest road in the country, the M6 Motorway, is also the most haunted. Not only are singular apparitions known to appear out of thin air, but entire parades of Roman soldiers have supposedly appeared as well. Hitchhiking ghosts along the side of the road and ghost cars that look like they’ve just been in a serious collision have also been reported.

  8. Bloods Point Road, Illinois

    Full of terrifying legends, Bloods Point Road owes its name to Arthur Blood, one of the first settlers to lay his roots in Boone County, Illinois. Local hauntings have been given nicknames – Wheeler, Flora Church, Sweeney, Pearl, and Pool are just a few examples. A number of past tragic events, including a fatal school bus crash, could be connected to all these bizarre happenings. Though residents who live along Bloods Point Road don’t like the tales that portray their town as a Halloween hot spot, visitors in the area can’t help but slow down to attempt to experience the unexplainable.

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