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7 Most Bizarre Hotels in Asia

Posted April 30th, 2012
by Staff Writers

Asia is the largest continent in the world, known for its scenic beauty and innovative cultures. From breakthrough technology to the most progressive architectural designs, Asia is where you’ll find some of the most unusual and bizarre sites, including travel accommodations. Here are seven of the most offbeat and off-the-wall hotels you’ll only find in Asia.


  1. Crazy House Hotel, Vietnam

    It looks like something from a cartoon, and it’s an architectural marvel. Amidst rolling hills in Da Lat, the Crazy House Hotel stands out not only for its bizarre facades, but also for its impressive amenities. With no straight angles, the hotel is based on free-form design, with unique windows, walkways, and sculptured rooftops. You’ll be in for quite an experience with your stay here, especially for just $50 USD (on average, and it may vary) a night.


  3. First World Hotel, Malaysia

    Formerly the second-largest hotel in the world (now behind the Izmaylovo in Moscow), the First World Hotel has an exuberant, playful color scheme on its exterior that makes it delightfully weird. It practically has a theme park inside, complete with casinos, lounges, and so many shopping stores you won’t know where to start. You won’t have a reason to leave during your stay here, as all entertainment options are covered here: water theme park, a Cineplex, and Asia’s first free fall simulator.


  5. Flush Hotel, South Korea

    Appropriately called The Flush Hotel, you’ll find that it’s a fitting name as the building is shaped like a toilet. Its construction cost the owner, Sim Jae-Duck, $1.6 million. He wanted to raise awareness about sanitation and all proceeds go to providing proper sanitation to developing countries around the world. You’ll be shocked to find that the most amazing part about staying at the Flush Hotel is not related to its design features at all, but rather the cost per night for a stay: $50,000. At least all proceeds will be supporting a worthy cause.


  7. Earth Building Hostel, China

    Listed as a world heritage site, the Hakka Tulous (Earth Buildings) in Fujian, China gives visitors an authentic Chinese experience. Traditionally owned by the Hakka peoples, Chinese immigrants stayed in each of these circular earthen communities for hundreds of years. Today, the Fuyulou Earth Hotel is one of China’s most popular sites in the area. Guests sleep on 120-year-old traditional beds, and are exposed to life living in the circular communities of the Hakka Peoples.


  9. Hotel of Modern Art, China

    A haven for art lovers, this 46-room hotel in Guilin, China is filled with more than 200 masterpieces from hundreds of artists. The most impressive feature of this hotel, however, isn’t the outdoor sculptures or impressive artwork, but a 10-meter-high cave within its grounds. The 1,000-year-old cave provides a truly magnificent space for unique events for up to 200 people. Guests enjoy relaxing soirees next to a natural freshwater pool, and feast their eyes on thousands of illuminated stalactites overhead.


  11. Capsule Inn, Japan

    Comprised of stacked capsule-like compartments with dimensions of 2m x 2m x 1.25m, each space has just enough room for a bed, wireless connection, and TV. Communal washrooms are available on other floors, and guests store their luggage in a locker. Although capsule sizes vary, the convenience factor makes these hotels so popular. While the idea was first introduced in 1979 in Japan, it continues to be duplicated in other large cities around the world, including New York City and London. We may think it’s weird and strange, but it is perfect for businessmen and travelers looking for a practical, affordable style of accommodation.


  13. The Oberoi Udaivilas, India

    The only place in the world where you can live like a Mughal Emperor is The Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur, India. It was voted the best resort in Asia by Travel + Leisure’s 2011 reader’s poll. Featuring truly remarkable traditional Indian architecture, the hotel features gold-leaf domes and sandstone-colored walls that overlook the Aravalli Hills. At this palace, you’ll be right in the heart of the old Mewar kingdom amidst the exotic hill country and network of lakes of the Udaipur region.

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