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51 Fantastic European Travel Blogs

Posted May 17th, 2010
by Staff

One of the best things about reading local blogs before you go on a trip is that you can get a perspective that you won’t find in your guidebooks. You’ll be able to find that special café, that hidden courtyard, that magic “je ne sais quoi” because you’ve done your armchair travel ahead of time. Or, if you can’t go on vacation, reading these blogs just might be the next best thing. Enjoy!


  • Heather on Her Travels provides some really useful information about a variety of places and adventures, from camping to castle-hopping.
  • Robin Locker’s My Melange will have you booking a ticket to Europe in no time—and finding the most lovely sights imaginable while you’re there.
  • Slow Europe will help you relax and really see the sights; no quickie tours here, just lots of pointers to locales with good vacation rental options.
  • Europe A La Carte will send you to delightful, off-the-beaten-path experiences, like the best places to find flying cow sculptures or divine banana cake.
  • The Soul Travelers 3 offer much inspiration to any traveler, but especially to families.
  • Follow the journey of the Traveling Scholar across Europe and beyond.
  • The fabulous Global Grasshopper covers more than just Europe (as its name would suggest) but we figured you would really enjoy this. Are you reaching for your passport yet?


  • The Paris Blog is a fantastic, frequently updated view of the City of Light from an expat perspective.
  • My Secret Paris by Lisette offers a personal view into the hidden gardens of Paris, as well as favorite bistros and shops.
  • Paris Through My Lens is a charming photo blog with insights into the city and its people.
  • Be Paris Wise for an injection of cultural savvy about all things French.
  • Invisible Paris is a must-read. Be sure to check out the free walking tours.


  • Evocative pictures abound at Berlin Reified, with its focus on Berlin’s food scene, design, and events in the city.
  • SlowTravelBerlin will help you take your time to enjoy the city.
  • Berlin 101 offers more than just an introduction to this buzzing metropolis.
  • Mostly Berlin offers you a personal and thoughtful perspective on Berlin’s many offerings.
  • Take a peek at Munich Daily Photo to get a sense of Bavaria’s capital.


  • Ever wanted to live in a certain boot-shaped country? You’ll gain some good insights on its highs (and lows) From Australia to Italy.
  • Feed your fantasies of running of to Tuscany to become an artist with Have Dogs, Will Travel.
  • Learn all about Moving to Italy from a retired IT consultant (and expat) with this thorough and helpful blog.
  • Living Venice gives you a perspective that goes beyond canals and campaniles.
  • Check out the Rome Photo Blog for some sights (and insights) you probably won’t find in your guidebook.
  • Don’t miss My Bella Vita—you’ll be in Calabria faster than you can say “Buonissimo!”




Eastern Europe

  • Life in Slovenia provides excellent insight into Slovenia’s history, culture, and daily life.
  • Visit Prague and beyond with Florin at Exploring Europe…enjoy!
  • Great Britain & Ireland
  • Mind the London Underground Tube Diary for a hilarious glimpse of everyday life on London’s transit system.
  • You’ll be able to find A Good Place for a Cup of Tea and a Think with these reviews of London’s various cafes.
  • Get a Bloody Brilliant take on life in London from a Jersey girl. (That’s Springsteen Jersey, not the Channel Islands Jersey.)
  • 40 Shades of Life is a friendly and insightful introduction to Cork, Ireland’s second-largest city.
  • Scott Ramsay will take you to the Edge of Britain and back during his month-long roadtrip.
  • I Eat My Pigeon is a humorous take on expat life in Dublin (click on “About” to see how this awesome blog got its name.)


One Big Yodel discusses life and culture in Switzerland with cheer and good humor.


Budget Travel

  • EuroCheapo isn’t just for frugal folks—it has great tips that people at any budget level can leverage.

Culinary Travel

  • Parla Food brings you to Italy and elsewhere with mouthwatering photos.
  • Enjoy the Flavors of Abruzzo to learn about home cooking and life in Abruzzo.
  • Get your stout, hefeweizen, and pilsner fix at Boaz and Bailey’s Beer Blog, which covers mostly European beers and pubs.
  • Piacere will make you very, very hungry, probably for some homemade pasta with artichokes or ricotta torta.
  • Londonlicious covers London’s restaurant scene. In case you haven’t noticed, the Brits have learned how to cook. (Yes, things besides tea and scones.)
  • My Kugelhopf covers, among other delights, Swiss chocolate. You’re welcome.
  • Peek in the Traveler’s Lunchbox for your next great meal.

Adventure Travel

  • Climb mountains with Ryder-Walker Alpine Adventures—or at least take a look at their fabulous blog.
  • The Bike Hippies blog is worth it for the beautiful pictures as well as the tales of cycling adventure.
  • Can you recommend any other great European travel sites?

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