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42 Blogs of Honeymoon Travel

Posted June 21st, 2010
by Staff

One of the most exciting and exhilarating trips taken by couples is usually on their honeymoon. A honeymoon is a time for newlyweds to just relax and enjoy the first few days, weeks or even months of marital bliss together while being away from their normal surroundings. The fact that honeymoons are away from home adds to the romance found there. Below readers will explore 42 blogs of honeymoon travel. Whether it’s a honeymoon horror story, honeymoon planning tips, great honeymoon destinations or a real account of a honeymoon taken, all of the blogs below offer some great information about honeymoon travel!

Honeymoons Taken by Real People

  1. Brideorama: A newlywed couple spends their honeymoon in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
  2. Weddingbee: This couple shares about their honeymoon to Maui.
  3. Tony Ruscoe’s Blog: Tony discusses booking his honeymoon to Scotland. This is the beginning post of a five-post series about the Ruscoe’s honeymoon in Scotland.
  4. For Better or Worse: This blogger shares with readers the first four days of his honeymoon to Manila.
  5. The Hynes Honeymoon! : After this couple married, they spent the next year sailing to beautiful places for their honeymoon. Here you will find beautiful pictures from all the places they visited.
  6. The Tranquilo Traveler: This couple shares their experience of taking a 16 month honeymoon!
  7. Elise Blaha: Elise shares a little about her honeymoon trip to the French Polynesia, Tahiti and Bora Bora.
  8. Pierre and Celine share their honeymoon trip to Moorea, Tahiti and Rangiroa.
  9. Reebecki Supergirl: Readers will enjoy reading about this blogger’s first day of her honeymoon in Paris.
  10. Back From Maui!: This blog post shares pictures and information about this blogger’s honeymoon to Maui.
  11. Wiehanne: Kathie shares a little about day four of her honeymoon to Bali with readers.
  12. Honeymoon Trip to Lamu: In this blog post, Sean shares his honeymoon trip to Lamu, Kenya nearly 25 years ago.
  13. A Cup of Jo: Joanna Goddard shares memories and photos with readers of her honeymoon to Italy. Readers can also view pictures of her honeymoon trip to Greece in another post.
  14. The Honeymoon: Readers will get an inside glimpse of one blogger’s memorable honeymoon to Ireland.
  15. Honeymoon Recap: Thirsty Little Bloodsuckers: Stacey provides readers with pictures and details of her honeymoon to Australia.
  16. Costa Rica Honeymoon – Romance and Adventure!: This is a detailed blog post about one couple’s 10-day honeymoon trip to Costa Rica.
  17. Two + Four: Echo shares with her readers about the third day of her honeymoon in Virginia.

Honeymoon Horror Stories

  1. iMom: Readers will enjoy this woman’s recount of her “honeymoon disaster.”
  2. A Little Too Late: Readers will get a laugh at this couple’s very eventful honeymoon horror story – and pray it doesn’t happen to them.
  3. The Daily Loaf: This bride shares her memories of a horrible honeymoon in St. Maarten. The poor girl gets the flu, a sunburn, a bug bite and food poisoning.

Great Honeymoon Destinations

  1. Puerto Vallarta: This blog post shares a lot of great information with readers who are looking at a possible honeymoon to Puerto Vallarta.
  2. La Bretesche in France: This blog post shares one of France’s most beautiful destinations for honeymooners. It is the gorgeous castle-like estate of La Bretesche.
  3. Greece: Greece is a wonderful choice for a honeymoon. This blog post informs readers about all of the things that can be experienced here.
  4. Fiji: After readers finish this blog post, they will understand why the blogger has picked Fiji as a great place for a honeymoon!
  5. Gatlinburg, Tennessee: This blog post talks about the Smoky Mountains and the fact that Gatlinburg is known as “the honeymoon capital of the world.”
  6. Honeymoon Island: Honeymooners near Tampa Bay should make a memorable drive to Honeymoon Island. This blog post shares a little about this enchanting place.
  7. Loch Lomond, Scotland: This blogger shares about his relaxing honeymoon spent at this beautiful Scottish destination.
  8. Victoria’s Keep at Pike’s Peak: This blog post tells readers why Victoria’s Keep is such a charming place to stay during a honeymoon trip to Pike’s Peak.
  9. Culebra: Readers will discover from this blog post why they should consider the Caribbean island of Culebra for their honeymoon destination.
  10. Ireland: Ireland is a gorgeous place and this blog post shares with readers some of the most romantic hotels the country has. This is a great resource for those planning a honeymoon to Ireland.
  11. Hawaii: Hawaii is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations and this blog post gives readers an idea of why.

Tips for Planning a Great Honeymoon

  1. Wedding Day Beauty: Readers can pick up some great money-saving tips when planning a cruise for their honeymoon.
  2. Financial Highway: This is a great resource for those who want to have a great honeymoon with little stress.
  3. Bliss Honeymoons & Destinations: This is a great blog for those planning a honeymoon or destination wedding. This blog post shares some helpful tips of how to reduce stress when planning a honeymoon.
  4. Blog Bali: This is an excellent blog post with tips for those planning to travel abroad or take a cruise on their honeymoon.
  5. Planning This blog post gives readers several things to consider before making their honeymoon-destination decision.
  6. Travel Lady Blog: In this blog post, future honeymooners are provided with a list of tips to help them achieve their dream honeymoon!
  7. Smart Honeymoon: This blog post proposes to readers that they may be able to find a great honeymoon destination by looking at places that are not-so-well-known.
  8. Aisle Files: Travel expert Linda McClain gives couples some great advice about planning the perfect honeymoon. This is a must read for anyone who wants an exceptional honeymoon!
  9. Pure Travel: This blog post not only has great honeymoon tips for readers, but also several awesome destination suggestions.
  10. Wholly Matrimony: This blogger shares some helpful tips when planning a honeymoon to New Orleans. She and her husband were married in New Orleans and spent their honeymoon there also.
  11. China Travel Blog: In this blog post a concerned traveler is asking a question about how to eat safely in China. Other readers share helpful tips and thoughts for this blogger. This is a great blog post to read for those taking a honeymoon to China.

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