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10 Ways to Stay Fit While on Vacation

Posted April 23rd, 2012
by Staff Writers

An extended vacation is a great break from the everyday norm. However, your trip may also mean a break from your workout routine, which can take its toll after indulging and relaxing on your vacation. Whether you’re headed to a nice beach or going to faraway lands, you can always incorporate fitness into your travel plans and return home even healthier than when you left. Here are some ways to stay fit and healthy while you’re on vacation.

  1. Pack portable toys

    Inexpensive and portable toys like inflatable balls and frisbees may be packed or bought while you’re on vacation. You’ll have a more active vacation this way by incorporating fun games into your trip.

  2. Take guided walking tours

    Guided walking tours are more dynamic and provide a better opportunity for you to experience new sights up close. It also forces you to work out those leg muscles while you’re enjoying a guided tour.

  3. Take advantage of your hotel’s swimming pools

    Many hotels have great a swimming pool in their list of amenities. Why not take advantage of it and incorporate swimming laps instead of only lounging by the pool? Swimming gives you a total body workout, which will surely get you into better shape in a couple swimming lap sessions. You can also be on the lookout for hotels that have great pools before booking to get you more motivated to swim or even aqua jog if you’re not good at swimming.

  4. Explore biking trails

    You may be surprised at how common bike trails are around the world, as biking is affordable and appealing to many. Rent a bike and go on a refreshing bike trail while enjoying the outdoors. You can compete with your fellow travelers and plan a route that will take you to a prime tourist spot or restaurant for a break.

  5. Pack portable exercising equipment

    If there’s no gym where you are traveling, why not just bring (a part of) it with you? Resistance bands are portable and offer a full body workout. You can also do simple exercises using hotel room furniture. Chairs can be used for tricep dips. Closed doors offer a stable point to attach your resistance cables. Don’t forget about jump ropes either, which are a great way to work in your cardio.

  6. Run on the beach

    It’s not every day you can enjoy the beauty of the beach as you continue your running routine. Running on the beach can be much better than a regular jog on firm surface because the softness of the sand makes your muscles stretch further. With less rebound, your quadriceps and gluteus muscles all engage more than they do on a normal run, which actually increases the run’s intensity and workload.

  7. Get a pedometer

    Getting everyone in your pedometer makes staying active more enjoyable and even a bit competitive if everyone in your group participates. A basic pedometer is inexpensive and counts each step you take by detecting the motion of your hips. Set a goal for around 10,000 steps a day, which roughly equates to 400 calories burned. You can motivate each member of the group by comparing numbers at the end of each day.

  8. Rent sporting equipment for activities

    Wherever you go, choose active ways to explore your new environment. Activities like kayaking, sailing, surfing, or rock climbing are challenging and fun opportunities for you to get a cardio workout. Many of these activities also come with lessons, so you can improve on your technique and skill, making it much more enjoyable than spending your usual time in the gym.

  9. Plan your trip to coincide with a 5k walk or marathon event

    For the avid runner or athlete, an epic vacation includes staying active and exploring new places. A marathon event in a new city is the perfect way to do just this. If you’re up for the challenge, plan a trip with a couple other active and highly motivated individuals and incorporate a marathon into your vacation.

  10. Plan hikes to attractions

    Usually tourist attractions may be close together, and this presents a great chance for you to hike to each new destination instead of driving. This isn’t always ideal if you’re short on time, but there are plenty of hiking trails just waiting to be discovered, and it’s a great way for you to explore and remain active.

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