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10 Best Travel Apps for Summer 2012

Posted June 14th, 2012
by Staff Writers

Many of us have yet to finalize summer travel plans and book our trips. For every globetrotter, travel enthusiast, and jet-setter, traveling can be less of a hassle using these following applications for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. From automated itineraries to attraction recommendations to instant dinner reservations, these apps are smart and easily accessible tools that make for the perfect traveling companion. On your trip this summer, consider these following best-rated travel apps:


  1. Photosynth

    Whether you wanted to capture a beautiful panoramic shot of a Hawaiian sunset or flying down the slopes of Vail, this app called Photosynth stitches your photos together to create easy 360-degree views, for free. You can share your panoramic pictures (horizontal and vertical) of places, people, and events with one button. All “iphoneography” enthusiasts should optimize their iPhone camera using this app on their next trip.


  3. HotelTonight

    Last minute travelers, ease your worries of getting stranded without a hotel room with this app, HotelTonight. For serious savings, this app pulls up same-day hotel bookings near you, which you can book beginning at noon that day. This app is especially useful for last-minute trips and sudden flight delays.


  5. TripIt

    Tired of carrying around all multiple confirmation documents, confirmation papers, and printouts? TripIt allows you to stay organized on all your traveling information, emails, and important documents without the bulk and scattered aspect. It forwards all your confirmation emails onto one organized account and even creates one neat itinerary for you. All your travel details are in one place.


  7. Weatherbug

    When it comes to traveling, being prepared for different climates and weather conditions is important. An accurate, updated, and detailed weather forecasting app like Weatherbug would come in handy — it offers official data gathered by meteorology organizations. The app also provides a detailed forecast for the week ahead, has fewer flashing banner ads, and presents information on an easy-to-read interface. You can choose hourly predictions from more than one destination at a time.


  9. TripAdvisor

    According to ABC News, this app is the world’s second-most popular travel app, downloaded 25 times per minute. There’s a lot of people looking for hotel reviews and advice on the best tourist attractions. This app is a great planning tool, allowing you to read reviews from other travelers and offer your experiences as well. Make fast and educated decisions: cross reference hotel offerings from other search sites with real-person reviews before making a decision.


  11. Google Translate

    Ease those language barriers when traveling abroad with Google Translate. The app allows you to translate pieces of text at the click of a conversion button. Although it’s not always perfectly accurate, it gets the job done. Use the voice recognition feature to automatically type out what you’d like to translate from English into the language of your choice.


  13. Yelp

    One of the things you must indulge in while traveling is trying out local restaurants, shops, attractions, and whatever else the city has to offer. Consult Yelp for one-stop advice for just about everything; where you should dine, stay, or visit, or what you should do. Peruse through reviews of local places before risking your precious time (and money).


  15. XE Currency

    Converting foreign currency can be a hassle. Plus, not all of us are particularly math inclined. For quick currency conversions, use XE Currency, which will convert any currency on the spot in a few taps.


  17. EveryTrail

    This GPS app provides an easy-to-read map as you walk around in unfamiliar places. You’ll be equipped with street names, audio guides, a compass, trip duration, elevation, and even average speed. Track your excursions with ease and explore spots deemed worth seeing by other users.


  19. GlobeTipping

    Tipping norms often get lost in translation when traveling abroad. It’s not common knowledge to know how much an average tip is for a waiter, valet parker, or hotel attendant in a foreign country. With Globetipping, advice is given for more than 200 countries on recommended tip rates. You can instantly calculate tips, factor in tips by percentage, and divide dining bills.

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